VISIT US: 144 Chapel St, St Kilda VIC 3182
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VISIT US: 144 Chapel St, St Kilda VIC 3182

Space2b Online shop – soft launch

Space2b’s Online Shop is ready to launch but we’ve opted to do it softly, softly. After 5 months of detailed documenting by Pamela Mujica we are asking you to test the sight and let us know, what needs tweaking?

“Because quitting cannot be an option” Pamela Mujica

We know Pam as, the wire crochet jeweller, having a 3rd child in her 40s mother and not allowing herself to go loopy learner. After volunteering her time to develop the site, we hope it’s success will provide her with a paid job! Adding Space2b’s Online Shop Coordinator to her many titles.

Q1: What motivated you to accept the request of putting together Space2b’s Online Shop?
A: I tried to do the same a few years with PAMdesigned and I couldn’t. I didn’t understand WordPress at all, so I quit. When Space2b offered me the opportunity on the Space2Work program, I took it as a challenge. I had to prove to myself that I could do it, that I had the skills to do it. And if there was something I didn’t know I will ask and/or investigate, until I succeed. I am still learning and I love it! 

Q2: What has been the greatest take home of this journey?
A: That it is never too late to learn. This sounds repetitive but it is so true. No matter the age, or the little skills you have, it is more about your positive attitude. 

Q3: Can you share your online shopping experiences?
A: Mmm, I don’t buy much really except the wires for my crochet jewellery. Oh, ok, I bought a refrigerator for my sister in Chile, despite mine not working so well. My sister has 3 children, her and her husband don’t earn good salaries, so I surprised her one Christmas. It was great! It is so great to have this amazing thing called online shopping. It allowed me to do something that years ago couldn’t be done.


As a candidate on the Space2Work program, Pam has been supported by some rather special volunteer buddies

Aigel Xavier, the dapper photographer and, Rhonda Glenfield, the content editor, THANK YOU for volunteering of your time, your knowledge and bringing joy.

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