Space2b Designers  125 items

The products for sale at Space2b are made by our community of artists and designers.  Some of us moved here a generation ago and some are newly arrived.  By working together we share our skills, our cultures, build connections, and all feel a part of the local community.
At Space2 we are all known for our skills as designers and artists.

Our products are all made ethically and are either:

  1. Handmade here in Australia
  2. Made overseas by local artisans from the families and communities of Space2b designers, who are building their businesses by designing & importing products.
  3. Designed in Australia by our supporters and mentors and made overseas ethically.

Every product you buy at Space2b supports refugees, people seeking asylum and newly arrived migrants to develop their creative business and gain work experience.  All profits support those newly arrived on our shores to thrive and to build a new life, where the label ‘refugee’ or ‘asylum seeker’ is no longer relevant.

Online you will find a few of our designers and artists represented.  Please come and visit us in-store in St Kilda, Melbourne to see more.