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My name is Vanessa, I come from Mexico. Designing jewellery with Natural stones is something I am passionate about. I have made jewellery with natural stones since I was 14 years old. I built up a business with my mum who taught me to design, and we worked together in Guadalajara, Mexico for around 10 years as well in a jewellers shopping centre.
Now I am an entrepreneur in Australian I am very happy because I continue on my design pathway and I am so excited to sell my Boho Mexican style in the Melbourne market my business is called Coco Kanela Design.

I believe that the energy of the earth in the Natural stones is there to support us in our pathway in life, that is the most beautiful part to work with elements of nature.
I love to live in Australia and I am grateful for have the opportunity to every day meet people for all around the world, that multiculturality is one of the most beautiful and exciting things to live in Melbourne. and love the support of women empowering women!.