Mizuhiki Japanese Earrings – Pink


Traditional Japanese earrings intricately designed with Japanese twine.

These unique earrings are hand crafted and woven in Melbourne using a traditional twine from Japan called washi. Washi comes from the beautiful alpine region of Nagano in Japan. The washi can be transformed into gorgeous shapes and is very durable and strong. It is believed that the sacred knot is used for protection and connection. Designed and made in Melbourne by Satomi Shimizu.


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  • Description

    These stunning earrings are hand-woven in Melbourne

    Colour: Pink

    Length: 6.5 cm

    Width: 3.5 cm


  • The Designer

    The Designer

    SATOMI SHAMIZU is also Tomi Art who blends a flair for modern design concepts with a deep connection to the aesthetics of the traditional Japanese art and culture of her heritage. Satomi designs and produces a beautiful range of statement earrings and luxurious Paj silk scarves.

    She creates her earrings using Japanese Mizuhiki cord to weave intricate and eye catching designs inspired by traditional Japanese cord decorations – each set is a small piece of wearable art. Satomi’s silk scarves are hand dyed using time-tested techniques and natural Japanese Indigo dye. Each scarf is hand dyed and one-of-a-kind, with a beautiful range of patterns and delicate ombre effects ranging in colour from a deep vibrant indigo to a beautifully subtle ice blue.

    Living in Melbourne, Satomi takes inspiration not only from the ancient traditions and culture of her heritage, but also from the living culture she sees around her every day. Art, nature, colour and traditions are all ingredients added to the melting pot of inspiration for Satomi’s creations – all filtered through the lense of her appreciation for aesthetics and modern design to create something truly unique.



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